Hand Screened Cotton

Shot Cotton / Cotton Weaves

Continuous Pattern

Shot Cotton approximately 96cm (37½in) wide    Price $65 per metre
Various Cottons Weaves 110cm (43½in) Wide to 140cm(55½in) wide    Price $65 per metre

  • Continuous print, minimum cut 100cm (39½in)
Shot Cotton Printed Black Parchment
Black Parchment Design on Orange
$65 M.
Shot Cotton Printed Yellow Wattle
Yellow Wattle Design on Green
$65 M.
Rust Mistletoe Design on Blue
$65 M.
White Eucalyptus Design on Charcoal
$65 M.
Shot Cotton Printed White and Black Waratah
White Waratah / Black Design on Magenta
$65 M.
Black Seed Pods Design on Red
$65 M.

Mail Order Form

Fill out the order form and email it to the Gallery. Mail Orders carry an additional postal charge of $15 for up to 500g and $20 for 3 kilo parcels.

Our beautiful range of shot cotton is handmade . Irregular dyeing, weaving and printing imperfections are inherent in its making. They are a part of its unique character.