This exhibition is about creative points of difference.
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Textiles as Art

Reece Scannell Textiles

Transformations - Photorealism in Thread

We are so varied in our ways of understanding. Personal experiences, varying lifestyles and cultural differences fashion our ways of thinking and interpretations. Once a situation becomes a photograph, the real story has already shifted. When transferring it to textile, it changes again. Threads and colour are to a textile artist as words are to a writer and light is to a photographer.

This exhibition is about creative points of difference. It explores the imagination and creativity of acclaimed Textile Artists from Australia and New Zealand. Each was given a Reece Scannell photographic image on linen. There were no words, and the images were ambiguous. Their task was to create their own story through preferred mediums and textile applications. Each has chosen different techniques to tell their tale. Each of these works says as much about the art as it does about the artist.
As a photographer, I have worked on some amazing projects. I have been widely published and exhibited with many prestigious organizations. This has been one of the most fascinating and rewarding collections I have worked on to date.

Artists represented in the exhibition are:

  • Jan Frazer AUS.
  • Kay Haerland N.Z/AUS.
  • Cindy Dawson N.Z.
  • Julie Haddrick AUS.
  • Dijanne Cevaal AUS.
  • Marilyn Clark NZ.
  • Jenny Bowker AUS.
  • Sue de Vanny AUS.
  • Barbara M Hilford N.Z.
  • Jill Miglietti AUS.
  • Dale Rollerson N.Z.AUS.
  • Saffron Craig AUS.
  • Ro Bruhn AUS.
  • Jan Scudamore AUS.

Expression of Interest

Textiles As Art : Photorealism in Thread
is an ever changing body of work. The collection is made up of both highly acclaimed and rising talents in the Textile Arts Domains of Australia and New Zealand. This exhibition seeks to explore the multiple ways individuals interpret the cultural influences around them, as well as highlight the creative and technical talents of Australian and New Zealand Textile Artists. The project has been endorsed by The Embroiderer’s Guild of NSW Australia and National Quilt Symposium New Zealand. It is an important body of work defining our heritage as nations similar but not the same through textile art mediums that are more than decorative.

Opportunity to Host an Exhibition
The collection has an exhibition program in place for 2020. We are currently seeking interested parties to host the collection at future events.

Opportunity to Participate in an Exhibition
Thread Odyssey: Embroidery As Cross-Cultural Dialogue For those wishing to participate creatively there is a textile challenge hosted by the Embroiderers Guild Of NSW. It is open to all mediums of textile practises.

Opportunity to Create a Group Textile Challenge
Some groups like the Southern Highlands Quilt Guild of NSW. Australia have chosen to create their own challenge for their Biennale Exhibition to showcase their members diverse talents in textile practises.

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